A short history


Mandalay was built and the garden first estabished in 1955, since when it has had three owners. Since arriving we have endeavoured to expand the range of planting as well as increase the area of borders and beds in the main garden.

This was combined with tree planting, and a circular arched walkway formed from hybrid willows, in the adjoining parkland area.

We have also introduced new shrubs and beech hedges to enclose areas within the main garden for future planting.

The vegetable garden has also proved to be a challenge but we are virtually self sufficient through the main part of the year, also supplying fruit from the fruit cage and tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines from the greenhouse to family and friends.

The seasonal photos have been taken at random times over this period. The raised beds vary from year to year, and are usually planted with annuals during the summer, and then tulips, daffodils and wallflowers for the springtime.


Mandalay - Georgeham - Devon 

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